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  1. Помогите взломать Hill Climb Racing 2 на скорость или расстояние? Могу ли я делать бесплатные покупки с Lucky Patcher?
  2. I uninstalled GG, launched the game, minimized it, installed GG, and the game immediately gave an error.
  3. I wanted to try to hack it, but it won't start. When I start the game, it gives an error and the fact that I have suspicious applications installed on my phone. He sees GG. Game: Cats & Soup - Relaxing Cat Game Link How to prevent the game from seeing GG on the emulator?
  4. Game: Game of Thrones Beyond the Wall Link I went to the daily awards and hacked tree. I pressed "get" I got a sign about getting 99K wood. I went into the inventory, and there are only 198. Why is that? How do I get what I hacked?
  5. New game, help hack it for HP and damage. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lb4business.swordsbowsmagic&hl=en&gl=US
  6. Idle Magic School Link. When I try to set the value above 2.1 billion the game just crashes. There are values in the game that are many in excess of billions, but I cannot establish them. I've tried choosing a different datatype, but nothing comes out. HE finds only Dword and that's it. What to do?
  7. Hello, help to hack Epic Heroes - Dragon fight legends game. Link
  8. Hi, I need help hacking Lord of Heroes, link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.clovergames.lordofheroes&hl=eu&gl=US I tried to hack this game for at least something. Nothing works. Help me please.
  9. Hi. Can you explain in more detail, please. I didn't understand a little. I want to hack this game too.
  10. Agree. I only know that you need 500 experience for 1 level, and 2,000 for level 2. If anyone knows how to hack it, please write.
  11. How exactly? What patches do you accept?
  12. It's very interesting to me too. I want to roll back time. I changed the time on my phone many times. Now I have to wait for over a month.
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