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Diepio zoom hack


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I found the value's but i cant change them. The values are (when lvl 14) 1.284,05358886719 and 2.744,66455078125 float. I tried changing the addresses above and freezing but nothing works. I found out when u leave a game (by dying or by clicking the homebutton) u can change them but when u rejoin the values go back to normal

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On 19.07.2020 at 20:22, SAGEPAPI said:

Ne yapacağımı idk, yakınlaştırmayı değiştirmek için bildiğim her şeyi denedim ama başarı yok .... yardımcı olabilecek biri var mı

Can you send a zoom script?

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      I was trying to hack diep.io and was successful to a extent.
      i have a limited invicible box that doesnt change. i cant find the values of that box . My question is how do i find a static value.  
      so i watch this video of someone hacking diep.io with cheat engine and he used what i assume is the hex editor. My question is, is this possible with GG
      The second part of the video is what i talk abt( zoom hack) 
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