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  1. Guys i need help, i m so confuse how i can found any value hacks using string but some games cant dump so it will need finding manually, how i can i find it? I know some string name same with other games but not all games cant dump. Need tutorial to find value hacks using string without dump lib.
  2. I try use it in game frag pro shooter but i got confuse value, in range A i see the value always same if go to address and when i see type double value. when i change it so it will giving crash, so this method only game can dump? (Finding HitBoxScale) can you show other method to get this feature in other game? Like sausage or shell fire game, this game hard to dump when i try it
  3. thanks for your help thanks for your help
  4. How do i know the package name of a game like mobile legends which has 2 package names in the game the first is com.mobile.legends and the second is com.mobile.legends (Unitiy Kills Me) when written into cpp using the package name com.mobile.legends thing what happens is the feature doesn't work. how to fix this? while the feature code is in mobile legends (UnityKillsme) but I don't know how to see the correct package name using GG?
  5. I m so confuse about finding value no recoil in range CA, i try find it but always failed
  6. I got some problem, how i can dump lib from mobile legends 32 bit? I have seen the meta data only have 0mb and libil2cpp.so 160kb and cant dump it with ida pro or GUI il2cpp dumper
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