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  1. I have a challange for u( not too hard). If thats what you're looking for Game: - subway surfers Challange: Try to change the value of the shop. (See pictures)
  2. Oh ddnt try that method, maybe this helps its a question from a while back. https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/28379-trouble-finding-in-game-coin-values/#comments
  3. Probably, they almost never update the game


    Maybe search in another region.
  5. Here a video: btw pls type in English so ppl can help u without going to google translate.
  6. Who told u that u can hack the level? Maybe that person can help u
  7. Idk if u can hack monster legends, but here are some tips on finding values: Use fuzzy search. See red arrow Search in different regions. See green arrow
  8. Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ninjakiwi.bloonstdbattles2 Hi, bloons td battles 2 dropped not to long ago. And I've tried to hack it but ddnt get far. So is there someone who can take a look? Thx Edit: oh btw everything is saved ain Ca
  9. Sorry for the late response but i couldn't login for month's. They patched it so u can no longer hack this game as far as i know. Im using X8 sandbox it has a build in plug in so u cam hide gg.
  10. Just a quick utube search. 9 out 10 times the answer that u looking for is on the internet.
  11. U probably change too much values at once. Or change the wrong value.
  12. Change this symbol = to this ≠. "≠" means the value is not equal to.
  13. Idk if im wrong or not. But i think its becuz nothing is stored there


    XOR search Guide - GG 8.29.0+ (#c87b776t) Read carefully.


    I have a script for u. Do u have discord?

    End Script?

    Dont u mean this. gg.alert( 'script ended' ) os.exit()
  17. Click the link in the comment above. Utube tutorials.
  18. Hope this helps. https://youtu.be/rHJ1wwKb6QU

    Getting Started.

    https://youtube.com/c/GameGuardianOfficial i used to watch this channel. Goodluck
  20. Got the same message after i updated to android 11. Idk whats happening tho. I use x8sandbox now its not the best imo but it does the job.
  21. And btw if u found the right region( the region of the value is found next to the value, see picture). U can select only the region that u need so the searching goes faster.
  22. Try downloading a older version.(see picture) or try to use another VM.
  23. Jurassic world the game (#8qe2405z) I dont know if its still works but this is what i used. And the value actually stays.
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