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  1. Yes. But I see it. Converting it to hex it is 4D and if string it is M. thank you for your help!
  2. Thank you so much. So I can simply convert it...let say -77 as 77? -77 = 77 = M?
  3. Hello. i have a quick questions. what is the meaning of negative bites? i often see results like -77, -21,etc and not sure how to convert them. thank!
  4. Hello. I would like to know which info is stored in REGION_VIDEO. Or what I can search for. Thanks! I always appreciate this forum.
  5. Thank u so much! I could save 2. And now I understand how addListItems works!
  6. Hello I need help again for a Lua script. I wrote for two searches. First one is saved as xcor and the second one is zcor. But only one of the search is save in the list. I think I am not having a good understanding of addlistitem but I could not find how it works. Thank u! --SEARCH THE ADDRESS gg.searchAddress('7D6F704610') xcor = gg.getResults(2) xcor = gg.getValues(xcor) --FREEZE THE CORDINATE VALUE for i , v in ipairs(xcor) do v.value = xcor[2].value v.freeze = true end gg.addListItems(xcor) --SEARCH THE ADDRESS gg.searchAddress('7D6F704618') zcor = gg.getResults(2) zcor = gg.getValues(zcor) --FREEZE THE CORDINATE VALUE for i , v in ipairs(zcor) do v.value = zcor[2].value v.freeze = true end gg.addListItems(zcor)
  7. Hello. I just want to tell that it worked. Maybe I miss spelled. Thank you so much!
  8. Yes. Because i do addess search manually and put into a script then run it without closing the game...I can search the address with the value i am looking for. But the value(the float of the address) would not change but return error. [added 4 minutes later] Thank u so much! I do search the address manually and put into a script and run without closing the game So i can find the address and the value using the script but the script gives me error when it try to change the value.
  9. Ello I have a quick question. I am writing down a script and I can not change the value of the address I searched Ex : gg.searchAddress('73B7E3BCB0') gg.getResults(5) gg.editAll('15.2', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) I get error on gg.editAll and it said like nil. What I can do to make this work?
  10. Hello! İ have been trying to refine results by removing values i know i do not need. But some how i am unable to. Example : First search is let's say -200~200f;-200~200f;-200~200f::8 Then i got tons of results and İ know İ don't need values like 0F or any numbers between -10~10. İ tried with ~~ but i still see 0 and values between-10~10. İs there any way to remove a specific value? İ appreciate your help!
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