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  1. I only tried to hack something and didn't even succeed and I got banned
  2. I didn't even find the store
  3. Relic pieces and stage level are also anonymous, dword.
  4. It is Dead Warfare and I was banned a long time ago. I've never found a way to un-ban the account
  5. I think this is the game where you used to be able to hack things like weapon stats and hp of the characters but as you can see if you use it in the pvp setting you get banned.
  6. Doesn't seem to work on the buildings. You can use the speed up arrows (long press the GG icon) but it doesn't seem to speed it up that much even at x3600 speed. I didn't add the time skip button to the search bar. It was just there
  7. Here's a screen recording for you: https://sbupload.com/02f4fc0cd9c4bd4e
  8. Just hit that and then put how much time you want to jump ahead. Either put it in seconds or you can enter in D:H:M:S format too.
  9. The cash is stored as an e:double value in Anonymous range. Search your original value as a range search. So if you figure says 50,123,456 then search 50123455~50123457 e:double. I've never found a way to hack the gold coins or boosts.
  10. sammax71


    Did you try searching in memory range "Other" on your phone?
  11. Sorry, I think Reputation is dword not e:double. So search 192 dword
  12. You can use time jump. I'm still looking for a gem hack.
  13. Nice. I was only looking at the dword values
  14. I found Tactical Knowledge but not Reputation. There was a value next to TK but I couldn't find if that changed anything. It wasn't my Rep though.
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